Charm City Post

Welcome to “The Charm City Post”, the official blog site for late breaking & up to date news, events, current affairs, sports & etc for Baltimore “Charm City” Maryland. Finally the city of charm can say that it has an official blog/online news paper that focuses on the news and events that all Baltimoreans would be interested in reading. The Charm City Post” was created just for those ever so  proud  Baltimoreans that love living here and hold there heads up high anytime Baltimore is mentioned in the news.

The Charm City Post” is going to grab your attention right off the back simply because this is a blog that not only gives it’s readers something to be proud of, it’s a personal tribute from me, Patrick Pj Vick A.K.A.  The Baltimore Blogger, a life long resident of “Charm City” Baltimore Maryland.


For all those seeking more information about the city of charm Baltimore Maryland, you’ve come to the right place. I love this city and I will not sugar coat a damn thing about it. As a writer/blogger I take pride in my work, and I take equal pride in the city I was born, raised & probably will perish in too. So as you continue reading the articles that are posted in The Charm City Post” please feel free to share the ones you like, dis like, agree with and dis agree with.




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